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    British streetwear brand Aerosoul Limited has been bridging the worlds of fashion and music for well over a decade. Initially conceived back in 1998, founder Leke Adesoye (who trained at the London College of Fashion) drew inspiration from the thriving underground jungle, hip-hop, soul and breakbeat scenes in his home city of London to create a brand that has remained synonymous with urban music and its vibrant sub cultures ever since.

    As a drum & bass and hip-hop DJ fanatic, Leke sought to intertwine his passions for music and fashion by capturing the energy of the music. And then designing original and desirable urban clothing - such as the now-iconic ‘Junglist Movement’ t-shirt. Out of humble beginnings, Aerosoul has since blossomed from a UK club-scene favourite into an internationally recognised brand, worn with pride by the very biggest names in urban music and beyond, and famously immortalised in the cult-classic film Human Traffic.

    From the very start, Leke has had little trouble recruiting both genuine legends and fast-rising stars from the realms of the underground and urban music scenes to represent the Aerosoul brand. Among those who have modelled and been seen with an Aerosoul design emblazoned across their chests are the likes of Ghostface Killah, Roots Manuva, D-Double-E, Giggs, Natty, Bryan G, MistaJam, Alix Perez, Omar, MJ Cole, A Guy Called Gerald, Paradox, DJ Die, Skinnyman, A.I, Normski, ZeroT, Zion I, Robert Owens, TY, Krust, General Levy, Mutt, Domu, Lynx & Kemo, The Insiders, Ill Logic & Raf and Rodney P plus many more.

    But Aerosoul is as much about fashion as music, and as such a diverse list of celebrities have been spotted rocking the brand. From the cast of Hollyoaks and Sky One’s Grease School Musical, to diva model Sophie Anderton, bands The Boo Radleys , London Elektricity and Groove Armada, and actors Adam Deacon and Stephen Graham – Aerosoul’s appeal reaches far beyond just urban music.

    Aerosoul is perhaps most famous for the near-ubiquitous ‘Junglist Movement’ design, as featured in the film Human Traffic back in 1999 and still going strong today. In fact, with the recent launch of the ‘A.S./J.M. Remixed’ collaboration series, which sees esteemed designers Tadaomi Shibuya and Mitch re-interpreting the two-deck motif in their own much-lauded styles, the classic design is as popular as ever.

    After the early success of the ‘Junglist Movement’ t-shirt, Aerosoul’s portfolio of designs grew rapidly and Leke launched women’s line Soulero Sista, bringing a feminine edge to the brand and worn by soul sistas such as Estelle, DJ Sarah Love, Maya Azucena, The Narni Shakers, Kirsty Hawkshaw and C-mone. The later addition of A.S.Xtreme Sports to the Aerosoul stable expanded the range even further with skate and snowboarding inspired designs using the very latest print technologies.

    During its 12 years in operation, Aerosoul has attracted plenty of positive attention from across the media, with expansive features in BBC, MTV, Sky1, Channel 4, Current TV, Trouble, Radio1, Ministry of Sound, D&B Arena, Time Out, ES Mag, Mizz Select , The Voice, Mixmag ,RWD, Trace, J17, ATM, K-Mag, Touch, Urb, FHM, Smash hits and Front.

    As you’d expect from the head of a brand that’s driven by music as Aerosoul, Leke continues to pursue a thriving DJ career. Much sought after in both the UK and across Europe, Leke’s recent excursions have included DJ sets for Phatfarm, Rocawear, Mecca, Herbal, Journey Shoes, Rumble In Da Jungle, StarWarz, Movement, Intrigue and Oxfam’s Make-Poverty-History launch parties. A recent compilation ‘Soul:Controlled’ featured exclusive tracks from Aerosoul’s roster of sponsored artists.

    For more info on Aerosoul Limited please visit www.aerosoul.co.uk

    Aerosoul Limited was established in 1998 and is registered in England & Wales c/o Companies House

    Company registration number: 4309584

    VAT number: 893813289

    Aerosoul Limited And Junglist Movement is a Registered Trademark

    Class 25 - Reg Number 2631502