Chip Shop X Hip Hop Movement Collab T-Shirt ( red )

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100 % Cotton Heavyweight Teeshirt 

Screen Printed With Abit Of Puff Ink for 3d Effect On The Print  

Official Aerosoul Hip Hop Movement Collaboration With Legendary Hip Hop spot in brixton Chip Shop Venue And Restaurant the Chip Shop is based at 378 Coldharbour Lane, right at the point where the street crosses over Brixton’s bustling Atlantic Road. Its walls are spray-painted with the larger-than-life faces of some of hip hop’s biggest names: 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Eazy-E and more. the unconventional restaurant brings together their two great loves- fish and chips, and hip hop. A curious combination, that absoulutely works.


Artist: Curoc From Son Of Noice  /  DJ Shorty ( Chip Shop ) 




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